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7 most popular brands of women's clothing in the world

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In the fashion world there is > 300 brands of fashion and popular women's clothing. As there is very known brands, for example Dior, Chanel, Versace, etc., and not so known brands, whose name is known within the country or local level, for example, Ukrainian brand Adeleys-original (by the way, Adeleys-original or is inferior to the more known brands with a world name). Next, we consider the ranking of the most popular today TM producing women's clothes, which give their preference for millions of women around the world.



Clothes from fashion house Chanel know almost all women interested in fashion at least to some extent.  This world-famous brand produces sophisticated and beautiful blouses, suits, dresses, trousers and many accessories for all outfits.


Anna Sui

This TM specializiruetsya in the production of both men's and women's clothing. Collections of this brand are bought in a few days. Excellent lines and shapes, unusual design of each individual item, as well as the precise stitching and seams are corporate distinctive signs the TM.


Kira  looks

This TM appeared not long ago. Its founder is a talented Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina. This TM is very popular in the West and in Russia. Basically, the clothes of the brand  targeted at young fashionistas, aspiring to look stylish and bright.


Gloria Jeans

the Jeans of this brand have in the wardrobe of fashionable women of all ages. This TM produces max comfortable clothing that looks great on any figure. In the collections of the TM beyond the usual, comfortable jeans, also have denim overalls, leggings, coats, jackets, corsets and a great many other things.



This fashion house for the past many years has been producing unique clothing for women made of genuine leather. This TM produces a huge number of exclusive models which are in turn, trying to copy a lot of budget companies.


Victoria’s secret

During its establishment of the TM has positioned itself as a manufacturer of lingerie and swimwear, but today the brand also produced and diverse collection of pajama and t-shirts.

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