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Glaucoma: what is it?

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Glaucoma is the eye disease that has virtually asymptomatic in which there is damage to the retina and optic nerve with a characteristic loss of visual field, often associated with high blood pressure directly inside the eyes.

in this disease the optic nerve damage is irreversible and eventually without proper treatment, glaucoma leads to blindness. It is therefore essential to detect glaucoma in order to prevent its progression.

Such diseases as glaucoma is on the 2nd place in the world among the major causes of blindness. This disease affects people of any race, gender, and nationality. Next, we'll talk in more detail about .



the majority of varieties of glaucoma, especially in its very early stages, have no symptoms, that is the main reason for late referral of patients to the ophthalmologist when disease is already quite evolved, and in the optic nerve is already irreversible changes. The symptoms that give the opportunity to suspect glaucoma is:

  • visual field defects;
  • narrowing the boundaries of the peripheral field of vision;
  • when looking at any light source observed iridescent circles.

With all of this, visual acuity can be very high.


glaucoma Treatment

unfortunately, there are no methods that would allow to cure the disease, but glaucoma can and should be treated as well as control. Depending on stage, type and severity of glaucoma ophthalmologist: will recommend surgery, laser treatment or schedule drops from glaucoma.

Often, the treatment of glaucoma begins with eye drops of various types that have 1 common property-they all reduce intraocular pressure than in turn, prevent trauma to the optic nerve. However, there is one "but" - these drops should drip all the time, on schedule, as they have limited period of validity in the eye. There are drops that can cause a burning sensation in the eye, and discomfort, but this is no reason for self-denial from them without prior consultation with an ophthalmologist.



whatever method of glaucoma treatment is chosen, early diagnosis is the best method to avoid blindness. That is why the preventive examinations by an ophthalmologist are vital for early detection of this disease, especially if a person has a predisposition to glaucoma.

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