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Chemistry for pool: how to choose?

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How do you imagine the pool? All people conscious comes your way, but 100% of everyone can see it with clear and clean water. Pool should be such, so that was nice to look at its blue expanse. So, where you can swim and not think about harmful microorganisms and bacteria, because they are simply  not.

Harmless and clear water really make even the most and will help you to cope with it . In order to conduct a comprehensive water treatment is often necessary to use a pair of means.


pH around the head

Before treating the water in the pool, it is necessary to conduct the analysis for alkalinity and acidity, and just looking at the results of this analysis will be to carry out a chemical treatment of the water.

adjustment of pH is a prerequisite of proper care directly for the water in the pool. The pH shows what kind of reaction is water (acidic or alkaline) and how this reaction is strong. Also, pH is a very important factor that influences the effectiveness of disinfectants that are added.

With proper and regular use of modern chemicals for the swimming pool gives the opportunity to keep your pool in perfect condition. Of course, to use it needs to be paired with filtration of water. The specific chemical. funds for the pool are selected directly depending on the operating conditions of the pool, as well as its purpose. At this stage, and it starts disinfecting water.


Water can be disinfected by 3 methods:

  • the Classic chlorination;
  • Disinfection with active oxygen;
  • Disinfection with bromine.

unfortunately, only one disinfection little to care for the water in the pool. It must be combined with chemistry for a pool that, in turn, is struggling with water turbidity and algae. So, for example, algae are destroyed by such substances as algicides (they are selected directly depending on the sanitizer used for disinfection of water). With the turbidity of the water are flocculants, forming a slurry in large flakes, which, in turn, can be removed by the filter.

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