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Sandwich - dentures a new generation

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dentures provide an opportunity to restore the integrity of the dentition, and complete and partial loss of teeth. Modern materials and technologies allow to produce high strength and comfortable design, which, in turn, allow patients to forget about all the inconveniences.


Key features removable prostheses

to Make a removable denture for teeth difficult for both patient and dentist. All Affairs what to do and in consequence to adapt the design in such a way that the patient was very comfortable to wear it, it is very difficult. Only an experienced dentist able to cope with this problem, because all removable structures have their own features:

  • the prosthesis distributes the chewing pressure directly on the gum line and the abutment teeth. It is necessary to consider, because pressure on the bone for a long time with vremenem leads to its atrophy;
  • removable dental prosthesis distributes approximately 20 to 30 percent load;
  • in the majority of cases, dentures are used as temporary, however if it is not possible to apply other methods of prosthesis removable design make directly for permanent use.

What features do the new generation of products?

until recently in the absence of directly on the teeth of the upper jaw was used, the coating prostheses. Its main function they are performing well, however bring certain disadvantages:

  • the basis of the denture prevents the free movement of the tongue, therefore when adaptation is strongly violated diction;
  • basis covers the sky, directly on which is a huge amount of taste buds. As a result, in humans, the perception of taste and he is not able to enjoy drinks and food in full measure;
  • the coating of the product often becomes the cause of retching.

But times are changing and technology is not standing in one place modern dentistry offers patients a removable , deprived of many shortcomings of the uncomfortable traditional dentures. 1 of such innovations is the sandwich denture. Its main advantages are:

  • Dlitelnyj life. The material from which made the sandwich prosthesis at the same time elastic and very durable;
  • Reliable fixation in the oral cavity, which is achieved due to design features without the use of various accessories (gels, adhesives) and additional fasteners;
  • the Basis of the product does not cover the sky;
  • do Not make the turning of the abutment teeth;
  • Rapid manufacturing. Such a prosthesis can be made and installed in just 2 dental visits;
  • Convenience. The sandwich does not provoke a gag reflex, not stopping to talk and to eat normally, and you may not remove it during sleep;
  • This kind of prosthesis can be repaired and adjusted.

Is a bridge somewhere in the $ 750.

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