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Hto taqiy psychologist?

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Duzhe often can pochuti, what people are saying: “Hiba I'm crazy, dwellers svetalisa to a psychologist?”. The United Nations article VI dsnames hto taqiy psychologist, Chim VIN Seimas that I osnovne vdnet professing psychologist I respost us about TSE odeski counselor Olena Brener: . So, everything in order.


Psychologist VS psychiatrist

Psychologist - TSE lyudin, Yak got psihologo higher education, wicona profesio operation in the region psiholog (UC science) and Nada psihologo relief.

If Wapiti psycho lyudin Yak chat, making it is possible to note the point pochinayuchi s ako from the person vdbase clincin SMN psyki, Swan patholog. S data people's got the right pracowali only a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist - likar, yaky got a very medicine higher education, that proykov speculo chotoku for psychic RosLada I mean, got right vypisovat lcars preparati, zapisati ailing in the hospital for the holding of treatment, vincati stupni dot person.

the Psychologist also working tilki s clinche a long time people, ie z people that zdorov I toil ti Chi INSHI problems, that can versity more Shvidko, comfortable , secure manner.


Chim Seimas psychologist?

All the people in the TIA Chi hi Mr (native diyalnosti, nutria the line or just in life) , psychologists, ale so titles gittie psychologists. Concrete ittw knowledge, ie knowledge on otrimin konkretnih people in konkretnih obstavini.

Profesini the psychologist Volod Znannya, that was nakopiteli science for many years asnow chislennykh dozen I gold, razbiratsya in funkcjonowanie Moscou person, proav psychic process, I know VM zastosowanie ti Chi INSHI methods for versenne of postavljenih, saudan Clit.


Osnovne vdnet professing psychologist:

  • NavNet visa psihologice osti, not kursu s paviment qualit I etc.;
  • it's desirable, dwellers psychologist polega have profesini splotch (the Association, lgah toscho) - TSE garanto Yogo professionals, competently and recognition Yak Foca in profesini Coly. So Yak, become a member professing sputhwest psychologist tilki Mauger in addition vipadku, yakscho got neobho higher education, Nowicki, winna, Demba , I pawn naprezanja yaky postijno pgvisu sviy riven profesini Yak faha;
  • Vartist consultez. If the psychologist bere for svo? consultez nabagato less than INSHI specalty, Varto zadumatsa scho TSE Mauger Buti pokajnica vastness dowu, newmn, provoditi consultat I niemozliwosc desagana postavleno METI od sustr s Clem. If you want to, dwellers fahiz pic in professionalism for rakhunok you, vie mate right for the TSE. Often the most optimal znaju je «gold mid";
  • Spravzhniy psychologist Nikoli not da parade. Fact, scho giving Paradou, VIN STA Vdovin for nasdi and Razi nepriyatnogo result all natural preteens will spravan to Demba. Psychologist proponu you Waranty the vihod s situat scho sclause I VI Sami versuche tilki Yak, vicinity;
  • Zustrich z psychologist confdently. All information, Yak of atrimana psychologist in resultat VASO sustr, not Mauger Buti Rashoroshina trem ladies, if you don't visable bazhannia in svobodnomu. If the psychologist potrebna consultation NSIH psihologu, when spikeman s colleges will be sent the very essence of problems, and ndivia information Buda sposobina (without men, presvis, dati I narodzhennya, etc.).

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