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Menarche: what is it?

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Menarche is nothing like 1 month in girls. is considered the main sign of puberty, which demonstrates the willingness of the girl's body for a possible conception of new life. It is quite important to give due attention to the onset of menarche, as too later, lmbo, on the contrary, too early in their Foundation can indicate a very serious failure directly in the girl's body. The norm is the onset of 1st menses at the age of 12 to 14 years.


Phase of puberty

throughout the whole of puberty in a young body are very complex processes of the endocrine plan, forming a physical and sexual development of girls. The very same sexual maturation occurs in 2 phases:

  • in the 1st (prepubertal) phase jumps of growth, there is development of such secondary sex characteristics as sexual hair and breast, and ends this phase directly 1st menstruation;
  • the 2nd phase is observed the completion of the formation of secondary sexual characteristics and also the installation of a regular menstrual cycle.

it Often happens that the growth rates are accelerated somewhere in the age of 9-11 years, sexual body hair – in 11-12 years, and the growth of the mammary glands in 10-11 years. Most often, the 1st menstruation occurs at 12-13 years. Over the next 1.5-2 years regular menstrual cycle. I must say that in this period period can be observed in certain intervals (1-3 months). Ovulating girls have become regular in about 5 years after the onset of menarche. Since the development and growth of the body of the girl has not yet completed 100 %, then pregnancy is very unlikely, however, not impossible. According to statistical data, about a quarter of all girls after the onset of menarche have ovulatory cycle. But it is worth noting that even if the girl gets pregnant, the chance to carry and give birth to a healthy baby - just miserable. The reason for this is the incomplete formation of the pelvic organs and anatomical features, i.e., the body of the girl just not ready for child bearing.



I Must say that if sexual body hair and breast enlargement occurs in girls before 8 years, and menarche begins before 9 years, we can confidently talk about too early activities of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovaries, and sometimes hormonal-dependent tumors of the brain or the ovary. Also, deviations in the endocrine and sexual development of the character should speak and when girls up to 14 years, there is sexual and body hair is not increased mammary gland, and up to 16 years did not come menarche. Sometimes you can even talk about sexual infantilism.

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