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Dry cleaning of furniture: main features

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Now, many people have used the services of dry cleaning services. In the 1st place, people had taken to the dry cleaner clothes, which did not appear amenable to excretion and difficult stains. Satellites time facilities modern dry cleaning has expanded to carpets, coverings and covers for furniture.

Today, it is no surprise and the dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. Of course, this process is very demanding, requiring a strictly professional approach. That is why such service, as should be ordered only in specialized kliningovykh companies that have accumulated vast practical experience in implementing similar works.


What you need for a successful chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture?

For a successful dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, in the 1st turn, you must:

  1. to establish the origin of the stain or pollution;
  2. need to define what exactly the material is made padding.

With these 2 points directly linked to proper selection of the chemical. funds, which will be held the cleaning itself. Also, a significant contribution to the dry cleaners makes even use professional equipment.


dry cleaning depending on the type of fabric:

Viscose, linen, woolen and cotton textiles, immediately after wet cleaning can “shrink”, it is therefore suitable only for foam or dry clean;

  • Synthetic padding is universal, i.e. it has no restrictions on the method of cleaning, but whatever it was for her, often use cleaning extractors;
  • For suede upholstery that is afraid of solvents and organic wastes, apply dry cleaning + water-soluble reagents and be sure to apply the protective coating.
  • Padding from polyamide fibres (nylon, capron, etc.) resistant to abrasion, almost does not absorb moisture, but has a low resistance and highly electrified. Therefore, spots with similar materials to remove the most difficult.

the Process of cleaning

today, there are a couple main ways of cleaning upholstered furniture, but it is mostly for this scenario:

  • Originally from upholstery remove dust with a powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • Then remove stains with stain removers specially selected;
  • Next put the main chemical agent that reacts with the dirt and “pull” on the surface, eventually recovers coating color;
  • In the end, all that came to the surface the dirt is going, and the coating is washed with clean water with the use of the extractor.

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