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What are the bath mats?

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Often people try floors in the bathroom vylazhivat tiles – is both functional and beautiful, and impurities of the natural material at all. There is only 1-but, “but”: on ceramic tile you can easily slip. Therefore, for security purposes, no harm will at the foot of a shower or a bath to put something non-slip and soft, for example, a small rug.

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Synthetic rug VS natural: what's better?

bath Mats are made of synthetic and natural materials. And so that's immediately to say what is better-is simply unrealistic. Synthetic Mat – is the guaranteed ease of care, durability, moisture resistance, and low cost. Natural mats, in turn, often more eco-friendly, soft to the touch, and is indispensable for the creation of eco-style. But the most popular today still are synthetic products.


types of synthetic bath mats:


  • Acrylic. Mats of this material pleasant to the touch, very soft, and can be manufactured in different colors and have antibacterial treatment;
  • Polypropylene. These mats are not as popular as the previous product. Polypropylene is very difficult to paint different colors, but its textured metamorphosis are endless;
  • Microfiber (split polyester). The main advantage of this material is its ability to instantly absorb moisture and quickly dry. Also cut the polyester has antibacterial properties and it is very soft;
  • PVC. It is a cheap rug, very often supplied by photo printing for beauty. These products are sold in rolls from which to cut a Mat of the required size. PVC carpet does not absorb moisture, but does not slip. The only drawback of this product yavlyaetsya the need of drying directly after each reception of water procedures;
  • rubber. Another cheap bath mats, which can successfully fit into the interior of any bathroom. Mats made of rubber can be of any texture and color. Often they are made to pads, which in turn provides a secure fit to the floor.
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