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In Russia it is very difficult to write about private medicine. And the main reason for this is that is known to all, is the transformation of the market of medical services in the post-Soviet years, "underground economy", without any clear pricing and regulations, with fairly limited possibilities of obtaining more or less objective information. That's why in Runet there is almost no catalogues med. services with their rates, and the reliability of the directories that provide this kind of information is very difficult to judge.

the Most popular today are online resources containing information on the location and contacts of the regional medical centers that provide certain medical services. For example, if you interesuut performing an endoscopy or any other procedure, you can find them on the website Next we will consider how to choose a private clinic.


Useful tips on how to choose a diagnostic clinic?

If you soberly assess all the charms and possibilities of free medicine, I decided to use the services of her "paid sisters", then Your main task is to find the best offer in terms of price / quality. The main criteria here are:

  • qualification (experience) of the doctor;
  • the availability of the necessary modern medical equipment;
  • the cost and comfort of the treatment itself.

where to start your search?

  • Option # 1. An experienced doctor is the Foundation and everything else - not so important. That is why initially you need to find a good specialist, to find out where he works and make an appointment at the reception;
  • Option # 2. It's much harder if you don't have even a rough idea of what you are concerned and to what doctor you should go. There should look for your symptoms on the Internet, consult with the online consultants on the med. resources or pass a primary examination in a public hospital;
  • Option # 3. If 2-VA of the above option you not suitable, then you need to find a decent diversified med. centre (private or public) for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment.


don't zatsiklivaytes for public or commercial medicine, in both cases, have their "-" and "+". Directly when choosing commercial medical center, it is not necessary to buy advertising. Read reviews and view ratings on independent informational websites about medicine today good more than enough.

If you first made a mistake in choosing a commercial diagnostic clinic, and doubt the results of tests and diagnosed – take the time to consult at another clinic and re-take the tests in an independent laboratory.

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