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Dental implants: benefits and types

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for the life of almost all people face with the need for restoration of dentition in case of loss of 1 or a couple of teeth. It should be noted that incomplete dentition is able to deliver significant discomfort when they receive food, and may also are forming deformation of occlusion and greatly increases the load on adjacent teeth. Additionally, the absence of a tooth (teeth) becomes an aesthetic problem, one begins to complex, resulting in complicated interactions with other people. 100% restoration of the dentition can be carried out with the help of several ways: as a traditional restoration and prosthetics of teeth, so the modern advances in dentistry.

the Most advanced technology in the field of recovery of lost teeth has implants, the essence of which consists in the implantation of the prosthetic implant in the jaw bone, which replaces the lost tooth. Implant is nothing more than a screw made of titanium with an external crown. Titanium is a material that is a hundred percent compatible with the tissues of our body. And the crown, in turn, looks absolutely no different from "native" of the tooth, furthermore, it has resistance to stress and increased strength. To date, implantology is the most promising area of dentistry. By the way, the clinic can carry out at the very Wacom level.


Main advantages of implantation:

  • it allows to replace lost teeth without excessive processing and grinding of neighboring teeth;
  • have the opportunity to make up the lost teeth of different lengths;
  • you can even restore the function of the jaw that is missing all the teeth;
  • preserved bone tissue, as well as removed excessive load on adjacent teeth immediately when eating;
  • this neravnovesnaya, painless procedure, and the implants themselves can last you much longer than a tooth crown or dental bridge;
  • 100% recovery of chewing function;
  • the implant does not differ from "native" tooth and does not cause aesthetic and functional discomfort.

implant Types

the Choice of the technique of implantation and the implant is determined directly depending on: the location and number of missing teeth, the individual characteristics of each individual patient and the bone quality. In General, the implant is either one-step or two-step.

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