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PRP: what is it?

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If you look at a cosmetic procedure like PRP, it is distinguished by a special approach. It has become 1 of the most popular treatments for a number of simple reasons. PRP is completely safe and has a really fascinating effect on the body. By the way, you can spend in the clinical Academy of laser medicine:

This procedure is based on the regeneration of young cells of our skin, the number of which increases with the active substances secreted from the blood. Plasma (the liquid part of human blood), to provide reserves needed for the life of the elements, which are produced by nature: enzymes, vitamins, different minerals, and hormones.

In the production process inektsionnogo drug plasma enriched directly from platelets are growth factors necessary to induce regenerative processes, which, in turn, affect nearly all parts of the mechanism of rejuvenation of the body and to increase the number of young epidermalnah cells. Naturally replenished stocks hialuronowy acids, elastin and collagen.


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This procedure gives:

  • caring for the epidermis scarring;
  • lightening hyperpigmented;
  • lifting effect for the neck and face;
  • reducing the number of wrinkles of various sizes;
  • the tone of the skin with rashes, acne and post-acne.


  • Rosacea;
  • the Deteriorating structure and hair;
  • a Low elasticity, dryness and loss of tone of the skin;
  • the Photodamage of the epidermis;
  • Acne inflammation;
  • Wrinkles
  • the Appearance of scars and stretch marks;
  • Rehabilitation after injuries of the skin, surgical operations, and aggressive chemical and laser effects;
  • Deformation of contours of an oval face.

Recommendations for plazmolifting:

  • to Carry out this procedure better in the morning or in the 1st half of the day;
  • Directly before the procedure can eating a light carbohydrate Breakfast;
  • 2 day before the procedure it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, spicy, salty and spicy food, large amounts of coffee and strong tea.

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