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Neoplasms in the region of the adrenal glands

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the Modern world is full of stressful events and situations literally every day persecuted man. In such a situation, behave properly, the body produces special hormones, the secretion of which adrenal glands are responsible - a pair of endocrine glands with a clear localization. From the point of view of clinical Oncology - the authority that rarely are at risk of developing tumors as aggressive and benign. According to statistics, the number of such patients does not exceed 3-5% of the total number of the examined patients. Nevertheless, you need to be able to recognize and men, direct and indirect. It seems not to be once again to remind that the diagnosis of tumors at an early stage of development greatly increases the chances of a positive outcome of treatment.

Nature of problem

Despite the small percentage of disease, cancer of the adrenal glands is scrutinized that allows you to create a rather extensive classification grid. This situation becomes possible based on the anatomy of the glands, which structurally consist of two different substances (tissue) - cortex (outer) and medulla (inner).

the Bark or cortex layer is the source of the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones: corticosterone, aldosterone, cortisone, androgens, etc. consists of three layers or zones: glomerular, fascicular, net.
Brain tissue is the source of one of the most important hormones - adrenaline. Except it is produced by the regulators of the Central nervous system and gastrointestinal peptides.

Classification of tumours

adrenal Tumors are classified by stage, severity and affected area. In the first two cases are commonly distinguished typical of the General Oncology categories: primary/metastatic malignant/benign.

is a More extensive classification in the area of the primary lesion.

  • Epithelium - adenoma, carcinoma;
  • the
  • Mesenchyme - fibroma, angioma, lipoma and myelolipoma;
  • the
  • medulla - neuroblastoma, pheochromocytoma, ganglioma.

depending on the localization, manifested the characteristic symptoms of the disease. For example, if the affected is the cortex, it is likely it will be accompanied by Cushing's syndrome. It is manifested in the local body fat, regular muscle weakness, appearance of stretch marks - areas with thinned skin. In addition, symptoms of hypertension and disorders of the kidney.

the Defeat of the medulla, followed by a regular hypertensive crises when the pressure rises up to 300/150 mm Hg. St. As a consequence, there may be complications, which themselves possess a high degree of lethality, for example, a stroke.

Despite the relatively small frequency of occurrence of adrenal tumors, to diagnose them at the beginning can be difficult.

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