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Herpes and its treatment

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According to statistics: 80 - 95 % of all people are carriers of herpes that throughout a person's life can never even itself, and no exercise. And the appearance of herpes on the lips many people associate with colds, hypothermia and stress.

Often, herpes appears on the lips after sunburn or when ditilinom stay human in an air conditioned room. These factors cause the appearance of herpes in the human body in a sleep state and “waiting” of his time.

is Herpes always appears on time and very suddenly, bringing with it physical, psychological and aesthetic discomfort, especially for women. This virus wakes up immediately after immunosuppression.

If the herpes appears sporadically and occur relatively easily, then there are very many methods, (details about them can be found on the website This includes symptomatic drugs with epitelizirutmi, disinfecting and drying effect.

However approximately 15 % of the total population recurrences of the disease occur very often (1 every 6 months, sometimes even monthly), and it already requires a long serious of combination therapy.

in addition to antiviral medications prescribed by a doctor for a particular scheme, it is necessary to apply the immunomodulators. To this day, conventional medicine does not know how to rid the human body from the herpes virus once and for all. Therefore, while people can only deal with the manifestations of the disease.


Antiviral drugs for herpes:

  • Drugs acyclovir. Zovirax, Acyclovir, Virolex;
  • Drugs valacyclovir. He needs therapy with valtrex and Valcyclovir;
  • Drugs penciclovir;
  • Drugs famciclovir. Ointment: Bonafton, Zovirax, Acyclovir, Florenal;
  • Viru-Merz Serol (Tromantadine) — the gel is for external use only.

other resources:

  • Birth;
  • Alpizarin;
  • Dexpanthenol;
  • Herperax;
  • Miramistin and Chlorhexidine;
  • gold star;
  • Doctor.

don't Even try to treat cold sores with alcohol, iodine and "green stuff". These funds have a drying effect, though in this case the virus will not go away, but burn to is possible.

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