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The treatment of drug addiction. How to get rid of drug addiction?

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Treatment narkomanii requires a comprehensive systematic approach. Any carelessness in not able to reduce all earlier efforts. In particular, there is an important psychological component, which is aimed at creating a drug addict the counter motivation for treatment, which gives the opportunity to recover from drug addiction.

be aware that drug addiction imposes on all spheres of life of the addict heavy imprint. That is why, in any case can not delay her treatment, otherwise the mental and physiological disorders that develop due to continuous use of drugs, may well become irreversible. Initially, it is necessary to convince the addict to need to see a specialist. By the way, you can go to rehab "Your World":


Methods of drug addiction treatment

Methods of drug treatment is surrounded by a huge number of myths that the United 1 – the reluctance and irresponsibility to grasp the essence of this problem. Very often addicts and their relatives believe that drugs that block opioid receptors (they are inserted under the skin of the addict), or the detox process will magically cure the addict. Unfortunately, this is not true. Blockers give effect only after a course of detoxification and provide the ability to stop the results of probable failure. This is only auxiliary and not the main tool for the treatment of drug addiction.



It should be carried out only in a hospital, posolku some of its species have contraindications and is a huge stress for the human body. Often, detoxification takes between 5 to 10 days, then the addict may be relieved to get out of bed and go for a walk outside, but the craving for drugs is not going away. Therefore, we need a rehabilitation period, on average, covering approximately 3 months.



Xenon is used, in order to stop withdrawal symptoms acute conditions in people with drug addiction. Xenon inhalation 100 % harmless to human body and help establish a healthy sleep restore brain function, relieve panic attacks and anxiety, and lower depressive symptoms. The therapeutic effect lasts for several days and occurs very rapidly. Often, the course consists of 5 sessions.



during this procedure the blood of the addict is removed outside of the body, separated into plasma and blood cells, after which the plasma accumulated in it toxins been destroyed and the blood cells are returned back into the body. It's pretty poorly tolerated by the human body one-time procedure, which the level of stress comparable to a surgical operation.

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