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Naltrexone: What is it?

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Naltrexone is a drug that is used for the treatment of drug addiction. Pharmacological action of this drug is to bind the opioid receptors, which in turn either prevents or 100 % takes effect on the body drug directly from the opiate group. Naltrexone is a potent antagonist of narcotic analgesics such as methadone, morphine, heroin etc. It blocks the effect of using substances that contain opiates, so the drug becomes simply meaningless.

Naltrexone is produced in the form of tablets as well as the implant (binder). Last option is best used when the predominant part of therapy takes place somewhere outside the drug treatment center. used in this manner: the binder with the medication injected under the skin and it acts as needed, as well as blocking the action of narcotic substances, which entered into the body of a drug addict, instead of the expected effect of taking drugs in humans are forming withdrawal syndrome.

depending on the term of the binder, dosage of the drug in the human body all the time maintained at 1-Ohm and the same level for 3 to 6 months. A very important point is that, regardless of the duration of the course, therapy with this drug causes the addict's addictive.

Before treatment it is necessary to go through detox. The addict must come out of the withdrawal syndrome and should not take drugs for 7 days prior to implantation. Confirmation is a provocative test Nakasone and urinalysis in the absence of opiates.

Even despite the fact that this drug is very effective, it is important that the decision about treatment was made directly by the patient, based on his personal quest to get rid of drug addiction. Therapy naltrexona should occur only under the supervision of an experienced psychiatrist immediately after thorough medical examination.

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