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Bilayt 96: what is it?

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Bilayt 96 is a slimming capsule, which today are 1 of the most powerful tools in the fight against excess weight, which is a direct result of overeating, weight gain during pregnancy, obesity and middle age, when the human body is undergoing hormonal changes. By the way, in Russia to order on the site http://-..

Well-designed the drug helps to block the feeling of hunger, as a result, during the day a person does not feel absolutely no discomfort. While applying these capsules all of the accumulated waste products, toxins and products of disintegration of fatty tissue by natural means excreted with urine, therefore need to drink plenty of water (but not less than 2-3 liters per day).


Besides blocking hunger Bilayt 96 perfectly copes with the accumulated in the body fat and already on the 1st week of admission the person may notice how melt volumes and arrow (numbers) on the scales goes down. This is especially evident in the hips and waist. Also, due to its properties, Bilayt 96 reduces cellulite and helps with swelling because it stabilizes the salt-water metabolism.

Course of prima drug Bilayt 96 is 1.5 months. 1 package increases the metabolism, rebukes metabolism, thereby preparing the human body to lose weight. 2 packaging improves circulation and acts specifically on the fat, splitting it. The 3rd package establishes the result achieved.



we need to Start with 1 capsule per day. The drug should be taken in the morning for 30-40 min. before eating, drinking two glasses of warm water. After 5 days, increase dosage to 2 capsules. (1-well you can take it before Breakfast and the 2nd before lunch). Then everything is purely individual. If the extra pounds are gone, and the appetite not bother people, then the dosage can and keep 2 capsules in a day before the end of the course. If the weight loss has slowed or the appetite not enough is blocked, then we have to start to take the 3rd capsule (2 capsules before Breakfast and 1-well, before lunch). max dose is 6 capsules.

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