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A serious approach to training

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Today, bodybuilding and is not just a "rocker", which is able to give people a toned body and trained muscles. This is a pretty serious set of exercises, scientifically substantiated and supplemented by a system of sports nutrition, allowing you to achieve amazing results. All the necessary guidance, training system and even its own online food store complexes can be found on the web portal PROIRON.


trend Lines

the Rhythm of modern life has become too high. It is constantly surrounded by stress, bad habits, the foods that often do not stand up to scrutiny. Most of those who are constantly spinning in this jet, I will say that he did not have enough time in order to establish a healthy lifestyle and start exercising.

nevertheless, it is good physical training is the best barrier to stress, fatigue, diseases. To support her today - not just a trend, something fashionable trend, but a real vital need. Here a key role plays the alleged lack of free time (in fact, everything is in its wrong), and human motivation, the desire to shift the scales in the right direction.


Develop topography

Classes bodybuilding and fitness, despite the serious theoretical, scientific and clinical base, does not oblige a person to become a professional athlete. However, this is a great opportunity to develop your own body, the muscles, to adjust the function of internal organs and systems. This is what is so sought and cultivated since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome.

a Serious approach is unthinkable without the use of an individual approach and selection of relevant training. Exercise should include work on strength training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. All the basic recommendations you can find in the corresponding section PROIRON.


Food is an integral part of the process

in order to achieve the desired relief of the muscles are not simply a pull-up or pull tirelessly rod. Any experienced bodybuilder will tell you that without a balanced sports nutrition, enriched with protein, amino acids, vitamin complexes can not do. They help faster achieve your goals, rejuvenate and consolidate the results.

the Necessary food complexes can also be purchased in our online store PROIRON.

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