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Ultrasound of the foot: When it is made?

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After 40 years, every person are recommended to undergo a full medical examination (1-in once a year), and not just to pass examinations from various doctors and also undertake diagnostic survey (1 of them should be that helps to see the disease in its early stages, and in consequence to eliminate them).

do Not think that the absence of pain and complaints is a guarantee of your health. In fact, various inflammatory processes not able to be felt for a long time and as a result, generally do not bother humans. In at this time can najatraktivnijoj  diseases such as:

  • ligament rupture;
  • tendon rupture;
  • arthritis
  • flat feet;
  • bleeding into the joint;
  • deforming osteoarthritis;
  • accumulation of inflammatory fluid directly into the joint.

it is important not to confuse joint fluid and lubrication. Remember that the fluid appears directly under the inflammation of the joint and can vary in amount and texture. For example, viscous and thick liquid tells about the protracted course of the disease and prolonged inflammation. And its large number indicates the extent of the disease: tat bigger it is, the more acute inflammatory process occurs.

In particular, it is important to stop the ultrasound people suffering from flat feet. At 1st glance it's just surface problem, generating purely mild discomfort and correctable by wearing small heels and orthopedic insoles. In fact, the situation is much more serious and worse. Neglect of this disease may lead to disability and need for risky and very costly surgical operations. This is why flat feet should be treated and the treatment exactly as much time to pass ultrasound of the foot as needed.


is it Dangerous ultrasound of the foot?

Some people are afraid very often, prochoice ultrasound of the foot and knee because they believe the procedure is harmful to health. But snaie is just a myth, which is not confirmed by any scientific studies.

During this procedure on the body are affected only by ultrasonic waves, unlike the radiation that is emitted when conducting x-rays or tomography, are unable to harm humans.

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