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How to improve digestion

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Often have pain and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and intestines? Problems with the chair? Most likely, it is problems with digestion.

Digestive tract

Digestive tract — a complex and effective system of body; from his work depends on the functioning of other body systems, and General condition.

Our pipeline for the delivery of nutrients to organs and tissues is well thought out and configured: food ball, subjected to preliminary machining of the masticatory apparatus and initial weakly alkaline decomposition mainly of carbohydrates by enzymes of the saliva enters the esophagus into “sour” the stomach; there is a further decomposition mainly of proteins by pepsin and gastric juice to amino acids; then the lump of food goes to “alkaline” the intestine, where there is further decomposition of fats and carbohydrates: in the duodenum through the bile ducts of the liver and pancreatic duct are allocated to the enzymes completely breaks down all the macronutrients-proteins, fats and carbohydrates, — it is here that the weakness of enzyme systems affects the digestibility of food; then the food bolus in the intestines is absorbed, dehydrated, exposed to the intestinal microflora.

If you breach any of the stages of the digestive chain, the food or ceases to be, or not degraded by enzyme systems. In both cases, this leads to decay, stagnation, the development of pathogenic microflora and overall deterioration.

a Comprehensive cleansing of the body

If you are reading this article, you probably have problems with digestion began to cause discomfort, so we are talking about a deeper breakdown of the body. The rotting and fermentation of undigested food leads not only to the growth of pathogenic microflora, but also release toxic substances that poison our body from the inside. If you have problems with digestion, the natural elimination of these toxins is complicated, and our body needs a helping hand. Therefore, to get rid of problems with digestion and help your body excrete the accumulated toxins, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive cleansing of the body. It's not necessary and even contraindicated to use the medication. And not surprising, because our nature has taken care of us and give us of natural substances, by which it is possible to conduct a cleansing of the body without harm and improve your health. Read more about methods of cleansing the body natural remedies you can  Center Sakhalinskogo, a recognized expert in this field.

Normalization of digestion

If the process has not received a pathological character, the normalization of the power — not a difficult task.

it is Necessary to reduce animal fats and fast carbohydrates, giving preference to protein foods. To eliminate putrefactive processes in the intestine it is necessary to enhance the intestinal microflora by adding to the diet of kefir, yogurt, sour cream, yogurt, any dairy products. This will give impetus to the development of beneficial bacterial environment of the intestine.

Elimination of undigested remnants of rotting and undigested food — the task of fiber. And our task-to give the body all its forms: soluble and insoluble. Fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, almost all types of plant foods contain plant fibers. Fiber for digestive — a kind of soft brush, sweeping and binding residues of the bolus and removes it from the body.

in addition, the use of fiber stimulates the bile ducts, preventing bile to stagnate. And the fiber brings to bowel essential micronutrients in an almost unchanged form.

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