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Nitrile gloves vs latex

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nitrile gloves Quite recently, could afford only the elect. But today the situation has changed dramatically - the cost of nitrile remains stable, at the time, as the latex (the most popular material for the manufacture of gloves) is becoming more expensive. Next we look at why gloves nitrile lateksnyh better than their counterparts and will tell us about this employee online store where you can buy at an affordable price.


nitrile Gloves better quality

When comparing the quality characteristics of materials, the nitrile is substantially superior to latex. It has:

  • high resistance to chemical aggressive environments and puncture resistance;
  • good elasticity, the limit of its tensile > 500 %;
  • mechanical memory, which in turn, when deleteldaptree reduces fatigue.

nitrile Gloves do not contain:

  • natural Rubber latex (respectively, the possibility of obtaining allergies, when applied, is reduced to "0");
  • the
  • Powder (powder), respectively the risk of contamination of laboratory samples or the RAS was also missing. Moreover, the powder almost always causes dryness of the skin.

Thanks to a wide range of colours they are very easy to see in the workplace, and textured surface ensuring a firm coupling with the small tools.


Versatility nitrile gloves

the use of nitrile gloves makes them very versatile. They are widely used in:

  • of veterinary medicine;
  • to work with the resin;
  • medicine;
  • food industry
  • laboratories
  • beauty salons;
  • paint work.

a Great alternative to latex

recently absolutely all disposable gloves made of latex. Himself natural latex derived from the SAP of hevea (rubber trees), subjecting it to vulcanization. Latex is a material that is rich in proteins, so the quality of the curing depends on the ultimate structure of the material.

All and nothing, but every year a growing number of people allergic to latex. Moreover, it is not limited to swelling and redness of the skin, very often there are even cases of anaphylactic shock. Therefore, nitrile gloves and getting more and more popular every day.

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