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Vaporizer: what is it?

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Even for the Soviet Union beauticians used a water bath when their patients have placed your face over a bowl that steamed and waiting in this position for a few minutes. During this time the pores of the skin opened, and the doctor was able to start cleaning it. Segodnya various cosmetic centers in relation to their own patients more humane, which is why they are used vaporizers - spec. apparatus for creating an artificial couple.


Vaporizers apply:


  • aromatherapy for uniform distribution of aromamist around the room;
  • the
  • To steaming the skin and other parts of the body directly in front of cleaning;
  • the
  • To disinfection, due to such additional functions as ozonization.

in addition, this interesting device also includes almost all sets of equipment for all kinds of SPA centers. With the help of the vaporizer, the staff Lounges are just perfect to prepare skin for posleduyuschie treatment with aromatic oils or cleaning. The effect of disclosing of skin pores provides Siracusa possible to use this device directly for cosmetic purposes. Future cleaning procedures (no matter hardware or manual), which is carried out immediately after steaming, will eventually have a much better result.

1st vaporizers that were brought to Ukraine from Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, had limited functionality, and cost in the region of 1 tis. dollars. They were uncomfortable to use, had larger dimensions, and a flask of water from the glass all the time crashed.

Today, vaporizers have an increased functionality in comparison with their 1-mi options. For example, today you can buy for 1500 - 5500 UAH, and the widest network of service centers will not allow a broken vaporizer to transform into money thrown to the wind.

Now in all the beauty salons use vaporizers that in addition to its primary function, namely steam, also have many other useful features.

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