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What you need to know about the growth of the female breast?

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according to the website : when Breasts start to grow, then this is 1 of the first signs of female puberty. Often the 1st signs of breast growth visible at 10.5 and 11.5 years of age. Often the Breasts start to grow somewhere around 1-in the year before the first menstrual period.


breast Size: what does it depend on?

the size of the breast depends on how much is in it fat. Mammary glands (those that produce milk) all women are the same size, and it is in no way not dependent on the size of the female breast.

i.e., even if the girl has small Breasts, she will be able to feed future child worse, women with big breast – since the size of the mammary gland at them almost identical.

From the above we can conclude that because of the greater amount of fat, "thick" women and girls, the breast often is larger than the "skinny women".


Why girls small Breasts?

breast size is influenced by the following factors:

  • the Level of estrogens (female hormones) in the blood. It is the "female" hormones during adolescence are responsible for breast growth. So, if the girl is little estrogen in the blood, then her Breasts may not grow;
  • Level thyroid. So, women with a reduced rate of hormones sitewiki the chest often has a smaller size;
  • Heredity. If all the women in the family of the girl had small Breasts, then her Breasts are also unlikely to be large. Breast size depends on genes that she inherited from her mother and grandmother, and to correct genes, as is known, is impossible;
  • Weight. As previously mentioned, the size of the breast depends on the amount of adipose tissue that is inherent in it. If a girl is skinny, her weight is below normal or at the lower limit of normal, then she is unlikely to be large Breasts;
  • Other hormonal disorders. Many other hormones also can cause breast growth. So before you go to the doctor with a small breast, the 1st is to take a blood test for hormones.

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