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Choice points: what you need to pay attention

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Glasses is an optical device designed for vision correction, which consists of frames and spectacle lenses. Like, everything is simple, but in reality, to choose high-quality glasses is very difficult. Next, we'll talk about what we need to pay attention to when buying glasses and tell us employee online store where can be purchased .


Eyeglass lenses

they compensate for refractive error, that is the main cause of poor vision person. Therefore, when choosing such a device, as glasses in the 1st place it is necessary to choose the right lenses for them.

today, the most popular materials for the manufacture of spectacle lenses are plastic and glass. But clear advantages it is impossible to give any of these lenses. So, plastic is much softer than glass, at the same time more vulnerable to various injuries. The truth is all modern high quality lenses plastic make with a reinforcing coating, making them as resistant to scratches as glass.


"+" plastic lenses:

  • lightness (specific weight of plastic used in optics in 2 times less than glass, that is why glasses with plastic lenses - much easier);
  • minor injury (plastic is more resistant to cracking than glass, and the shards are less dangerous — that's why drivers, the elderly and children are recommended for these lenses);
  • plastic has great opportunities directly for its processing (for example, for coloring).

"+" glass lenses:

  • glass lenses have a higher index (index of refraction) than that of the plastic. glass has great strength (but not shock), rather than plastic, which brings me the fact that high-quality lenses made of glass, with equal diopters, can be more flat and thin than the plastic.


Socket can cause different allergic reactions. So choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the predisposition to allergies. Remember, cheap rims are made of metal of unknown origin can cause irritation to the skin and severe allergic reactions.

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