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Select baby t-shirt

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Today, this garment like t-shirt, like to wear without exception (men and Mendini, people of advanced age and young people). They all love t-shirts for their versatility, amazing convenience and brevity. More than anyone, this garment is like the smallest of us - children, which, in turn, to the constant movement you need a comfortable and soft clothing. How to choose the right t-shirts for kids? What you should pay attention?



the 1st and foremost, choosing t-shirts for boys and girls, it is necessary to pay attention directly on the fabric from which they are sewn. Quality should be made of cotton knit. The perfect option would be also material with the addition of a viscose or flax and synthetic fibers are better avoided (allowed in only a small % of synthetic additives, which is used for hardening the fabric itself).

Remember that the natural material absorb moisture, gives the skin a chance to breathe and does not cause irritation. But, whatever it was, we must remember that even a t-shirt brand directly in front of the wearing it is better to wash (this is especially important if your child has very sensitive skin).



Apart from the quality of material is also very important sewing. So, for children's t-shirts:    

  • needs to be smooth decorative stitches;
  • loose threads in the seams should not be;
  • seams should form a thick "scar", which in turn can injure children's children;
  • the edge of the material to be treated special. line (the exception is the fashion trend of "inverted" t-shirts).


Select the color of children's t-shirt depends on the taste of its future owner, as well as his parents.
t-shirts for kids look great contrasts - when combined with each other at the same time a couple of tones in spots, stripes, patterns and shapes. In addition, such clothing can be an excellent visual guide for learning colors.

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