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Scho Takeo colposcope Dolce?

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Colposcope dozen shyiky uterus I nutrio surface phvi - suchasne, bezbolno first resultative. Vono rightfully it is believed sprains proriva in borotbi s beschu zakhvoryuvan, including I such serjoznih, Yak shyiky cancer of the uterus.

TL procedure, colposcopy, awkward I don't wymaga bagato hour, however panci often capitoul about those Yak undergoing colposcopy I chogo m chekati from ne. Today mi vdova on daypopular power I dopomozhe us in this the head editor medychne portal .


That pokazana to colposcop I Yak , often required are Robit?

Many of zakhvoryuvan shyiky of the uterus, including I cancer, protrate from women without viragini symptoms the I “nespola slivaut” in Tille stud, if treatment POV asana s rizikom vtrati body, and that I s nebezpeku for life. Taqiy nakladni anals, Yak colposcopy - TSE only for today key “slavici” TSI horobi in zarobku.

Trobt colposcop the holding of such W zvicinou procedure, Yak subv look around at the dentist or Breasts  mamaloca. Ten-minute second part n one time for the year beregut you life I health. Protocol colposcop DOPOMOGA lcares of postaviti exact diagnosis I navti, poperegay hvoroba.


If better are Robit colposcopy, in which the day of cycle?

Bagatoh ladies chvilu power, Chi robotica colposcopy when mesyachnyh. Colposcopy with menstrual not Vicosa. The best hour for such obtienne, Yak colposcopy - TSE whether yaky-day cycle, in Perche Yogo Polovin, after the completion menstrual. Have Tsey hour results colposcop will naybilsh tochnymi.


Yak budgetoffice to colposcopy?

Special pagatavo to colposcop don't need, won, Taka Zh Yak pagatavo to whether yakogo genekologa obtienne: dva dni to obtienne not sprintsuetsya not use wagnalls preparati I vdovets from sex in TSI dni.


description: colposcop: Yak undergoing colposcopy?

Today Sika uterus ogledate for DOPOMOGA special device - diaconeasa, that zblu potrebno dlance I vivacity to Yogo on motor. TSE is the Golden standard colposcopy, that zastosovuyutsya in Pravda klinko world.

the Colposcope is not inserted in phvo! TSE “Sunny Oswal device”. Have phuu vvodyat tilki suicine genekologa Dzerkalo, to yakogo VSI mi long twicli.

Otrimali for DOPOMOGA of zerkala usually access to shyiky of the uterus, likar conduct segalini look around and potim bere zi slizova smear on Alipov Clin.

Well, Yak robotica colposcopy shyiky of the uterus further, saleeite from pokazani.

there is the toll-baslc rsdavid colposcop, onown them - TSE rozsirena colposcopy (RCC) is the simple colposcopy (if this ogled shyiky of the uterus, and also phvi not vykorystovuyutsia NAC, reactive).

And RKS slizova brobst reagents (Lugol's solution often, the 3 % solution Octavo kisloty), pokazuju ouragenda slizova, and also h character.

neophot be undergoing biopsy (“wedsites” kriti of smetacek tkaniny on anals). Colposcopy and biopsy time always pdist tochnosti dagnostika, Yak with proper proveden obtienne I rasshifrovat resultats reaches 100 %!


Chi balace are Robit colposcopy?

MIF about those scho colposcopy balace the TSE, Mabuchi, like z t same Vpevnenist scho colposcope vvodyat in phww. Naspravdi not vvodyat. I, respectively, this is not balace.


Nalci colposcop: chogo chekati?

Colposcopy - this is NOT surgery, and dagnostika dozen, scho niyakogo “nasdq” Vaughn Mati not Mauger. Velena after colposcopy Mogilev push stroke declick days - as a rule, the TSE Zaleski preparatu, DOPOMOGA yakih held dagnostika, for example, iodine. Also after bops Maglev nevelik crow anist Velena.

Colposcopy - TSE awkward procedure, Yak Sverige you health and life, that is not Vdovina from features you a Dovgy I happy.

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