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Why many women chose childbirth in the United States?

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In recent years, births in the United States becomes more and more popular among foreigners. And it's not just in prestige, in addition there are more good reasons. Next, we take a closer look .


the benefits of childbirth in the United States:

  • the Child that was born in America, automatically becomes a citizen. Only one country - the United States gives children a citizenship since birth. As a result, the child may exercise the rights of a citizen of the United States: social protection, receiving an American education, visa-free entry into the country, etc.;
  • the Level of development of medicine over the ocean is considered 1 of the highest in the whole world. There is a huge amount of honey. complexes with quality service and professional modern equipment. The majority of maternity wards have at their disposal the equipment used for emergency treatment of infants. All clinics of America offers a delicious and varied menu, comfortable and clean the house and take care of the pastime of their patients. And the medical staff to the customers are always treated with kindness, care and respect;
  • Birth will give your baby more opportunities in his future.

Pregnant women it is better to fly directly to America for 2-3 months before the baby is born. During the time that remained before the birth, the expectant mother will have time to adjust to new surroundings, to rest from the flights and to ensure that the decision about place of birth was correct.

the standard of living of the ocean is at a very high level: there are across the country, low crime rate, highly developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for shopping, and the locals friendly to foreigners, that is why the woman will feel safe and calm.


Why is it better to give birth in Houston?

Preimushestva Houston for childbirth

  • more cheap rental housing (in Houston furnished apartments will manage in $ 1500 per month and a similar apartment, for example, in Miami - somewhere in the $ 2500 per month);
  • lower gasoline prices, clothing, products than in other States;
  • ocean located 1 hour drive away;
  • largest honey. complexes with great maternity departments are located right in the heart of Houston, and the price level to do with optimal and often lower than in similar areas or private clinics.

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