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Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels: the Main symptoms of the disease

January 10 2017

You find it difficult to remember the name of your doctor, you find it difficult to name the assortment of the store, which yesterday bought products you forget the birthdays of relatives, etc. Know that this is just some of the manifestations of this insidious disease, as atherosclerosis that not only degrades the quality of human life, but also able at any time to bring up such a serious cardiac pathologies, as stroke, ischemic heart disease, etc.

translated from the language of the walnut-atherosclerosis means "slurry seal". This disease is a vascular disease that affects the arterial wall with focal deposits. In turn - this is a very common disease, the result of which is phased seal the interior. sheath of the vascular walls cholesterol plaques, leading to narrowing of the lumen. As a result of this disease, such violations occur, such as:

  • the failure of circulation of blood;
  • the deterioration of power cells;
  • the shortage of oxygen directly to different parts of the brain.


the Most specific manifestation of atherosclerosis is impaired memory, and applies it more fully to the events that happened recently, while about his childhood or the events of five years ago can a person says in detail.

Also, a characteristic symptom of atherosclerosis is a headache that develops due to lack of oxygen and as a result, congestion in the blood  vessels.

the Accompanying symptoms of atherosclerosis

  • flashing dots in front;
  • noise in the ears;
  • the redness and sweating of the face;
  • sleep disorder;
  • uncertain gait with a slight limp;
  • malaise.

So, summarizing the clinical picture of this disease of the brain, like atherosclerosis, can be identified that it is associated directly with impaired vision, hearing, speech, sensation and coordination of movements. And the progression of the disease leads to a tendency to depression, irritability and poor concentration.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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