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Rejuvenating face cream: What should it be?

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All the people tend to prolong his own youth, applying all kinds of means to support and prevent Mature skin. Now it is very difficult to find a woman who would not use different anti-aging creams for your face.


What is cream?

Any face cream that give the skin color, firmness and beauty, and also help to improve her condition. Absolutely all the means to care for the skin can be divided into 2 groups:

Today, many specialized cosmetic shops and online stores offer a choice of a huge number of creams, serums and gels for every taste and "purse". For example, quality you can buy in the online store


What are the different types of creams?

Today there are various forms of production and types of creams. All products are divided into specific groups and are sold in special. retail outlets, for example shops prom. products, pharmacies, and cosmetic shops. Next, we take a closer look at each type of cream.

pharmacy products are very diverse, and on the shelves you can find creams known brands, which over the years have been able to have a good reputation and receive rave customer reviews. If such a tool does not afford the person, then he can buy drugs.

For example, retinoic ointment has a unique feature of the destruction of wrinkles and rejuvenation. Cosmetologists often used this tool and I think he is 1 of the inexpensive, but very effective in the fight against wrinkles appeared. In addition to improving the condition of the skin, this ointment removes inflammation, acne, and also provides a soothing effect. It should be used only at night (just before bedtime), because the retinol is completely incompatible with ultraviolet light, with the result that there may well be spots.

in addition, the same effective is heparin ointment, which copes with fine wrinkles and blue circles under the eyes. It should be noted that pharmaceutical drugs often have herbal ingredients: calendula, chamomile, violet, ginger, etc.

And professional makeup is not always good. Now there are many unscrupulous manufacturers use poor quality ingredients that lead to a very rapid aging of the skin. That is why, choosing a professional cosmetics need to pay attention to its price and composition (good cosmetics certainly can't be cheap). Often, the composition of a good tool include natural components as well as different plant extracts and hoods.

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