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Map of acne: What is it?

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Such unpleasant problem as acne on the face, a huge number of people are often mistakenly considered a purely  cosmetic. But in reality the rashes on the skin can be a result of improper care or excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and also the result of disorders of internal work.bodies. Many experts know such a thing as a "map of acne on face", with which you can learn , and what kind of a system has ceased to function in a particular case, and, in effect, to take the necessary measures.


Map of acne on the face: How it should “read”?

  • Pimples on hairline. These rashes appear when malfunctions of the gallbladder;
  • Pimples on forehead. Rash in the center of the forehead indicate malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract (the lower part of this zone is responsible for the small intestine, but the top is responsible for the colon);
  • Pimples on eyebrows. These rashes appear when malfunctions of the digestive system or heart;
  • Pimples on nose. These rashes appear when malfunctions of the liver;
  • Pimples on your nose. Lesions in this location may appear as a result of violation of hormonal balance or because the liver is very bad filters the blood. Also in these rashes is to check the level of blood cholesterol and blood pressure;
  • Pimples around the eyes. All lesions in this location (circles, bruises, swelling, etc.) appear as a result of diseases of the urinary system, kidneys, and dehydration;
  • Pimples around the ears at the temples. Lesions in this location often appear in consequence of diseases of the urinary tract and kidney;
  • Pimples on the cheeks and cheeks. Lesions in this location are often characteristic for people with allergies and smokers, and evidence of diseases of the respiratory system. In addition, they can be a result of excessive consumption of protein foods, caffeine and sweet;
  • Acne on chin. Lesions in this location are often you can meet women who suffer from various gynecological diseases. Also they are a consequence of  endocrine disorders and malnutrition;
  • Pimples near lips. Lesions in this location can talk about hormonal changes, severe stress, and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

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