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Commemorative coins with denomination of 10 rubles

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0 2019

At all times people have been looking for a hobby, one of which is numismatics (i.e. coin collecting). There are a huge number of rare coins which I would like to have in their collections every numizmat. One of them is commemorative coins 10 RUB.

Ten coins that are currently in mass circulation, released from non-precious metals. You can find them in 2 versions:

  • bi-metal coin, a ring which is made of brass and disc of Nickel silver;
  • steel coin with brass plating.

a Series of 10 ruble commemorative coins?

All commemorative coins are produced in honor of some important state events or anniversaries. Particular coins combined in the series. So, the largest series of commemorative 10 ruble coins is:

  • city of military glory;
  • the ancient cities of Russia;
  • the Ministry;
  • Russian Federation

Cost of 10 ruble coins

Many people now ask the logical question: "And what ?". Their value depends on:

  1. grade. For collectors, the most interesting are well-preserved coins. Directly handling all the coins and get the defects very quickly lose its original appearance. The price of such coins can significantly give “Meshkov coins”, that is, those in circulation were not, and immediately fell into the hands of collectors and dealers;
  2. Edition and year of issue. In this case, what the coin is older, the harder it is to find a well-preserved specimen, and this means that its price will be >. The same principle works in respect of the circulation. Than < minted coins – the more expensive they are;
  3. Kind of coins. The individual should remember about the rare types of commemorative coins. Remember that there are certain types, which price significantly > the same coin;
  4. the Mark of the mint. 1-well, the same coin could produce both in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg mint. The price of the coin with the mark of the 1st yard can be > a similar coin, which was released on 2nd factory.

There are other factors that can impact directly on the cost of coin. That is why in each case you need a detailed evaluation of a specific instance.

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