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What is tea tie Guan Yin?

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Chinese language "tie Guan Yin" translates as "Iron bodhisattva of Mercy." This is the most famous Oolong tea, originally from the County of Anxi (South Fujian province). In this territory this tea, the monks grew in (7—9 to article) Dating back to the Tang dynasty. By the way, in Moscow you can buy in the online store

tie Guan Yin is semi-fermented large leaf tea-Oolong tea. In China this tea refers to the turquoise or blue-green. He occupies the position between red and green (and in Russia — black) tea. To produce this tea using more Mature leaves than for green, and a weaker fermentation in comparison with black tea gives you the opportunity to save tannin and vitamins + gives it a spicy-fruity pronounced aroma and unique taste.

the Cost of the tea, depending on the variety and time of collection, may differ significantly. So for the spring collection arrives half per annum, and as a result, it costs less to purchase this Tieguanyin much easier. On autumn falls 15 percent per annum, as a result, he ends up much faster in spring and is, accordingly, reflected in his price.


the legend of the origin

a Very long time in China was 1 in the tea-grower (his name was Wei Yin) who lived in Anxi County, in the town of Sanjiao. For 10 years every night and morning the tea-grower brought Oolong tea to a Buddhist deity (bodhisattva, Guanyin). But one night, Wei Yin dreamed a dream that came to him the goddess Guanyin, took him by the hand and led to a mountain cliff where he, in turn, saw a tree of great beauty, from which came the alluring, heavenly scent. Waking up, the tea-grower went up the mountain and saw what he saw in a dream a tree. He quickly realized that it was tea plant and then called it a “Iron Guanyin" (tie Guan Yin), in honor of the bodhisattva.


How to choose?

depending on the time of picking, grading, and locations, Tieguanyin can be of different varieties. The Anxi County, has 11 townships and 13 villages and each of them produces its own unique tea, that is why choosing Tieguanyin need to rely on their own taste preferences.

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