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Russian Superfoods: What is it?

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the word “ "super" ” a couple of years on hearing our fellow citizens. The shelves of our supermarkets filled unusual products with very complex names with an appeal to beneficial and proper nutrition. What are wetgrass, acai and quinoa?


In fact, Superfoods – is nothing more than vegetable products with a huge number of beneficial to human body elements. These herbs, fruits and berries are grown in remote places of our planet (for example, the mountains of Tibet or the Amazon). These products unusually high concentration of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and essential acids. Superfoods are not subjected to absolutely no processing, they are valued as food sources, and tools that affect the body's natural therapeutic effect.

Superfoods – roots, leaves, berries and seeds are eaten in the dried state or natural form. It happens also that they make juices and extracts. Superfoods do not contain pesticides and artificial additives.

But the cost of this super food are just insane, also how to cook them, only a few know.

What you need to know

Residents of States in which grow Superfoods, have a genetic predisposition to these products. The body of the Russian people could relate to such food negatively, which in turn will affect his health. If you constantly eat, for example, spirulina or Goji berries, you can observe the disorder of your digestive system.

Russian Superfoods

Our scientists who study healthy diet, after examining all the exotic products, concluded, that in Russia all grow domestic “Superfoods”. You can easily buy them in the shop, or to grow at their summer cottage.

absolutely no way inferior to foreign analogues. For example, the berries of sea buckthorn, common buckwheat, rye, flax, chicory and Royal jelly are familiar to us from childhood products that are a true super food and the benefits of these products is much greater than from “foreign”.

These products ate even our ancestors, who were famous for superb health. In addition, from our superfood you can prepare these dishes, yum!

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