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Cellulite: What is it?

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Many women around the world face such unpleasant manifestations, such as cellulite ("orange peel") on the skin. Let's look at . It is nothing but structural changes directly in the subcutaneous adipose layer that impair quality microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. In other words, it is a stagnant phenomenon in the adipose tissue leading to its degeneration.

until recently it was thought that cellulite is inevitable over time the deposition of fat. But recent studies have shown that cellulite must be seen as a signal that the time has come to change your way of life. By the way, doctors often do not use the term cellulite, they call this method as lipodystrophy. By the way a huge number of doctors do not consider cellulite to diseases, considering its natural state.


How does that work?

At its core, cellulite is a structural change directly in the adipose tissue of human skin. All because there are estrogens (female hormones) that affect the system of blood vessels directly into the fatty subcutaneous tissue. Hormones clog the blood vessels resulting in tissue receives less oxygen and nutrients. Themselves fat cells in the body are arranged like a honeycomb.

Toxins, fat and fluid can't naturally excreted from our body, that is why there is a blockage of fat cells. The result is a connective tissue hardens, becomes dense, well on the skin to form dimples. Over time, there is a ripple, in view of the fact that the pathological process is reinforced. This manifestation must be regarded as a cellulite.


Rule or all the same pathology?

If you look from the point of view of medicine, it would not be right to call the cellulite is most common the deposition of subcutaneous fat in important from an aesthetic point of view, parts of the body (buttocks, stomach, thighs). This yavlyaenie can be diagnosed only when you have to talk about a pathological change in metabolic processes directly in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

the Disease leads to the appearance in the affected area bluish skin tone. The veins and arteries are compressed, the lymph and the blood stagnates, and there are capillaries. In this case, people who have callout note the characteristic pain when pinching skin problems. Therefore, cellulite is a pathology, not the norm.

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