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Scho Takeo gel Polish?

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Let's pogovorim about those, scho Takeo properly the gel Polish? For chogo VIN Patran? At chomu Yogo vdnet from NSA lacv? Sprouse poyasnite, but all in order. By the way, buy gel Polish VI can sit .

TSE pokrittya, Yak nanosat on natural ABO narusheniy ngtech. On natural NGTH vono trimatic, about 2 tiinv. Mozhna skazati, scho TSE the Samy gel, but the more I plastichny easy to zastosowan. Soshite gel Polish can be pid with a UV lamp or the ICE lamp, whichever frmi from the manufacturer.

TSE just dealin snaggy for zhinok, yaki hochut mother dogsnot handle, but not hochut Saraswati ngtime. Gel Polish TSE the same ulupinari velicano clast Ducat, only more trivago Nonna. Studio take of pokrittya possible for DOPOMOGA specjalno rdini I foil. On TAC ngtti can smilevo nanosite zvichayniy nail, in addition vipadku yakscho bilya cuticula became zanadto Patna scho gel Polish "wars". Pokrivale can protrim ABO, ABO varnish in the tone of pokrittya. Note Varto takozh, scho on such ngtech I zvichayniy lacquer bude tematica nabagato better first Dowse.

Gel Polish z avisa wanono recently, about 2 - 3 rocky Tom. First the company Yak Yogo released Bula famous CND, Yak Yogo called Shellac. Do Nashi dni selcom nazivajut VSI gel laki whether yakogo of the manufacturer. Je ale I ti, hto roseavelt TSI of understand.


chomu well vdnet gel-varnish from selaco?

Vdnet yea of course, still PR jodna the company not smogla of whatofit 100 % analog selaku. Ale , a vdnet school in Nansen, slnot, in skladi. Shelak - TSE baseprimitive system gel-lacw, ie before the base nanosite not need a primer on natural ngot. TSE of course bessonniy plus, but it is worth noting, after scho Yogo Nonna all are pomchalsya blsa number rozczarowani I wissower ngcobo, Platini, chogo not say anything about Fermi, that vykorystovuyutsia before the base primer. Shelak snimatsa I just duzhe Shvydko, chogo not say anything about the products HIH firm.

Ale at whether yakomu vipadku there is the toll-be called a few more recommendations dwellers of produziti "life" to your pokretu:

  • First there need unicati transcendent contact with the water (Vanni, Sauni I General pribirannya - need viluchiti on this day);
  • licoricewhite ngtti Yak instrument (not vgcreate them banks and others);
  • papillate independent Domino ngtech I don't obrzut );
  • rsati knife of pokrittya;
  • licoricewhite RDIO for snatt varnish, in skladi ako yea acetone.

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