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Diode laser hair removal

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Epilation with the diode laser is called a cosmetic procedure that allows for a long time to get rid of excess hair on the human body, and sometimes even for life.

the Beam of this laser acts directly on the shaft of the hair cells and follicles in the hair follicle, which contain the pigment melanin. Further, under the influence of the study of laser pigmented cells die, and this in turn leads to irreversible changes directly in the hair follicle and as a result, the hair growth stops. The diode itself is of several varieties.


Types of devices for diode laser hair removal:

  • MeDioStar – a laser device capable of working with 2 varieties of laser radiation with wavelengths of 940 and 808 nm. Directly with most hair removal can be used for both single and double pulses, and this gives you the ability to customize the device for each individual client, taking into account the properties of his hair and sutatip his skin;
  • LightSheer ET is a laser device operating with laser radiation having a wavelength of 800 nm;
  • Soprano XL is a laser device operating with laser radiation having a wavelength of 810 nm.


There are diode lasers recently. Therefore, their main advantages and the specific wavelength of the laser radiation, and certain purely technical solutions, making the procedure comfortable and convenient for the customer and for the specialist.

wavelength is such that the flash of light only affected the cells of the hair follicle and affects the cells of the skin even if the skin is tanned or dark. Removed both dark and thin blonde hair.

from the technical solutions the main advantage is the frequency of pulses of up to 10 per second and the large diameter of the light beam. This gives you the ability to epilate in the movement, and greatly reduces the time for hair removal.



  • irritation from the razor and/or shaving instruments;
  • the hair from light blonde to a dark color;
  • ingrown hairs with the appearance of dark pigmented spots in locations ingrown hair;
  • the hair, not giving for a long time the feeling of smooth skin even after removing them cream or shaving with a razor;
  • intolerance depilatory epilator or wax.

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