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How easy it is to lose weight without dieting

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Today, it became clear that diet has no sustainable effect on a person's weight. When man limits himself to foods, the body perceives this as a threat and economnic calorie consumption. By the way, even if the food begins to flow again in the required quantity - the body continues for a certain time, as if by inertia, to operate in "slow mode". As a result we have a fast return of excess weight called nutrition the "pendulum effect".

This happens even with people who after a diet, watching your portion size. The only real and proper way to get rid of extra pounds is adherence to the principles of a healthy diet and constant movement (sport, walking, active games). So that quickly, you can resort to a few tricks.

For example, 1 time in 7 days enter in your own menu, for some new rule. 1st week: among other things, you eat 5 five vegetables and fruits a day. On the 2nd week - you don't drink alcohol and soda. Then you eat less sweet and starchy foods, etc.

it is Better to choose the dishes that have been steamed, in the oven or the grill, avoiding fatty sauces and fried. We also need to monitor the size of their portions.

Every person gradually gaining weight, 100% sure that I will be able to reset it at any time, it is worth it just want. After all, now there are a huge number of effective powders, tablets, beverages, and fixtures... and, as everyone seems, there are many diets that help to get rid of excess weight very many people! Here is the truth, when it comes time to actually start losing weight, people are beginning to realize the futility of their efforts.

But there are a lot of people, that time sewn to the understanding that to lose weight properly, without strenuous exercise and exhausting diets. Remember: any diet is a real shock to our body and this stress will affect your health. Therefore, it is better to start eating right today and very soon you will gain a slim figure and just be healthy.

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