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What is needleless mesotherapy or electroporation face skin

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Skin is the most significant and largest organ in the human body. It is the epidermis functions as a primary defender and the 1st gets in the way of negative impact of the external environment. Over the years, the structure of the epidermis varies, it is covered with wrinkles, loses elasticity and becomes thinner.

to restore skin elasticity and youthfulness will help such a cosmetic procedure such as electroporation face – is the latest technique which is based on the latest development of hardware for medical implants. Be performed this procedure with a special (for Example, ESMA 12.21 FROM the GALANT, which is in Kazakhstan can be purchased in the online store


the method of electroporation

Everyone knows that the new is often scary and many people, not knowing what is electroporation, refuse this procedure. The basis of this non-injection method of injecting different substances in the human skin are simple laws of physics and biology. And Professor Andrew Neumann in 1970 he received the Nobel prize for his invention. The essence of this procedure is the introduction into the epidermis under the influence of electro-magnetic pulses needed nutrients without damaging the structure of the epidermis.

the Structure of the skin is built like no one protective suit that does not let various harmful substances from the environment. And, so that in the weakened areas of the epidermis to deliver powerful “charge” collagen, hyaluronic acid, trace elements and vitamins, before I had the injections. After the application of such methods of rejuvenation people need a long period of rehabilitation.

During the electroporation on the skin of electromagnetic pulses that help at all layers of the epidermis to open ion channels and facilitate the penetration of nutrients. This forcible influence on the structure of the skin occurs, all processes natural and allow it to saturate the input ingredients.


Main indications for electroporation

electroporation is Often used for lifting, but it shows excellent results also in other problems, as well as negative changes with the skin, such as:

  • the enlarged pores;
  • black-point;
  • acne;
  • scars of any origin;
  • total and alopecia areata;
  • problems with the scalp;
  • cellulite;
  • pigmentation disorders;
  • the decrease in the elasticity of the epidermis.

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