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Macaroons and flowers in gift box - original gift with taste

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Flowers in gift box with macaroons is a bright and original gift for your beloved! They are a new trend that really deserves your attention. An ordinary bouquet of flowers a long time is no surprise, therefore, if you want to make a good impression, then you should pay attention to the flowers in the boxes - this is what you need!

A box with colors with various sweets (for example, almond cookies, also called pasta, the macaroon (from the French word macaron)) is an exquisite and delicious dessert that has a huge amount of natural flavors-pistachio, strawberry, orange, lavender, lemon, chocolate, caramel, coconut, etc., and just melts in your mouth. So love them all without exception.

Box with sweets and flowers – is the key to successful gift that will give pleasure and joy both for eating and for the eyes. Along with macaroons or instead of them  can be added chocolates (Kinder, Ferrero, Raffaello) or glazed cookies. By the way, you can order floral kitchen "Tisoc":

Flowers in the boxes - it is always unique! In addition, you can write any message and then put it in a box or to put your gift. You can also dream, issue the individual order. There are boxes of various shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Hat and round;
  • the
  • Rectangular and square;
  • the
  • In heart shape;
  • the
  • Boxes, chests, etc.

Individual attention, flowers no sweets in the hat boxes in which to invest a huge bouquet of flowers! Such arrangement looks great and very solid.


the Benefits of flowers in the boxes:

  • This is a tasty and original - like a delicious dessert and custom token You can pleasantly surprise any person;
  • Box with flowers can stand for up to 14 days, because at the bottom of the box set floral sponge, which can be a little watered several times;
  • 't need a vase for flowers;
  • more Convenient than a large bouquet, which is just beyond uncomfortable to walk around;
  • In the future high quality, nice box you can use for your personal needs.

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