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What is neurosis and how it is treated

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Neurosis is very common today, the disorder of the human nervous system. The main difference between neurosis and other diseases of the nervous system is that neurosis does not lead to mental disorders.

therefore, to answer the question of how to treat nervousness, it should be noted that the disease is not cause any organic disorders. And in order to get rid of this disease, it is necessary to pay special attention to brain processes that are directly associated with the processing of information, thoughts and emotions.

in Order to find out how to treat this disease, it is necessary to know the characteristics of this disorder and tell us about it Markov Alexander Vladimirovich - the chief doctor of the Kharkiv clinic "Aleph": .


Main types of neuroses:

  • hysteria;
  • neurasthenia;
  • neurosis fear;
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • depressive neurosis;
  • hypochondriacal neurosis.

it Should be noted that over the past decades to divide the neuroses into individual species will become increasingly difficult, and this is due to the direct convergence of their clinical manifestations. To cure neuroses 1-mi drugs is almost impossible, the main method of therapy of neurotic disorders is psychotherapy.

in Order to cure the neurosis of any type, it is necessary to know the main causes of its appearance. It should be noted that, with appropriate therapy, neurosis brand of all types can be fixed.

In the treatment of neuroses can be identified 2 main approaches — work with the symptoms (with certain mental and physical symptoms) and work factors (social and psychological) .

All neuroses stem directly from the incorrect resolution of conflicts between relevant human factors and his personality. Often these factors are relations and (or) events. This phenomenon is called neurotic conflict.

In answer to the question: "How to treat neuroses?", it is important to say that the education of the person, his needs, values, life experiences, views and goals, the ability to find a rational way out of very difficult situations, and the impact of the external environment, determine the significance of the information received and play an important role in the treatment of this disease.

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