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What you need to know about the pollution of the Dnieper

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according to the website of each Year new sources threaten to destroy the main nutrient artery of our country. These include:

  • the discharge of industrial and sewage effluents, changes the chemical. water composition, as well as development banks, which narrows the bed of the river + atypical microorganisms deforming the bottom. All this together requires immediate intervention to restore the source of freshwater for almost 35,000,000 of our fellow citizens. Waste into the Dnieper river dropping about 300 industrial enterprises, which are not always legally increase limits on their discharge. All this leads to an irreversible outcome, namely the emergence in the water many nitrogen compounds, phosphorus, which help uncontrolled algae bloom. And this, in turn, leads to a Mora fish and closing beaches on the coast through compliance with sanitary norms of water;
  • the disposal of urban sewage poorly treated in the old breakage equipment;
  • dumps of household waste directly along the shoreline of the Dnieper;
  • Contamination sludge such radioactive elements as strontium-90 and cesium-137, which from the time of the Chernobyl disaster are at the bottom of the Kiev reservoir is very dangerous. According to the statistics of environmental organizations, the volume of contaminated sludge is about 90 m3;
  • the construction of the hydropower plant, suedsee water exchange and leads to the gradual swamping of the Dnieper;
  • But the main polluter of the Central river of Ukraine is the uncontrolled dumping of sewage  settlements and towns situated along the coastline, as well as prom. companies;
  • many of the sewage falls into the Dnieper directly from the adjacent roads and not clean the city sewers, precipitation in the form of melt water from snow and rain with particles of petroleum products;
  • Important sources of pollution are: destruction of spawning fish, mass housing and privatization of banks, artificial embankments modifying the channel, artificially created reservoir and felling of old trees leading to the destruction of riverbanks. All this, in case of unpredictable floods and excessive rainfall that could lead to a real disaster.

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