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Milt: What is it?

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Miley called magnetic infrared laser device for professional and home use. It is used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Right to speak is the device, not the device or the drug MILT. The device is nothing more than a device to measure something, for example a sphygmomanometer (measures blood pressure). The drug is a substance for internal or external doses (tablets, capsules, ointment, etc.).

a Very wide area of usage can be explained by the fact that laser therapy is the area of physiotherapy, i.e. the effects on the human body of different physical factors. It is the use of physical methods of influence greatly reduces the treatment time and extending the range of therapy. The main "+" their use is the absence of adverse effects on organs and tissues, drug dependence, the potentiation of certain drugs.

In the process of a huge number of clinical studies, laser therapy has already managed to prove their efficiency. Directly for home use laser treatment devices have been used for > 20 years.

Machines for home use produce since 1992. They are constantly improving, becoming more comfortable and functional (starting from the 1st models of milt 01 and ending with series: 5, f 01, f 01 8, BIO.

the Letter "f" in the model name denotes the presence of the device built-in photographic (or digital point).

Digital photographic is a device which is used to measure the level of scattered or reflected from the skin to laser radiation. With this device you can monitor the progress of therapy, to determine more accurately the impact zone, and also correct methods for increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

Point photorecorder is a device which simply shows is reflected from the skin the laser light and performs informative function (if the display apparatus is a point, then the signal is present and the therapy is performed correctly).

a Digital camera mostly used by professionals, since its use requires special knowledge. But if you have the desire, you can learn how to use it independently.

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