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What products buy Ukrainian managers in the Global Web?

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50 % of managers of domestic firms regularly buy at a variety of online stores. Often buy cameras, mobile phones and appliances. Only 5 percent of respondents said that have never used online stores, as 45 percent of the respondents had a couple of times to order different products online.

According to the survey: 62 % of managers of Ukrainian companies buying into the Global Web appliances, 57 % – mobile phones  51 % – laptops and PCs, 42.5 per cent – video cameras and cameras, 33.3 per cent – clothes, gifts, books and home goods (by the way, you can buy in the online store, 19.2 per cent – cosmetics, 16.3 per cent – leisure goods and shoes, 4.5% of the – art, 4.4 percent of the food. 38.3 percent of all respondents said that directly before placing your order in the online store, check its features and quality in traditional stores.

Every 5th Respondent in order to determine the purchase, enough to read the description of the selected product in the online market, and every 3rd trust the comments and feedback about the product.

of 36.04 % of the respondents said that Ukraine does not have enough grocery stores, online stores, every 4th Respondent would like to see more of the online stores of shoes and clothing, 22.8% of our fellow citizens lack the online stores with a variety of household goods, 18% of respondents would like to see more online stores with gifts, every 6th Respondent believes that it is necessary to increase the number of online book stores and markets with all sorts of leisure items.

with 86.2% of the respondents the main criterion of selection of online store I think is an affordable price 50 % - free delivery, 44.7% of guarantee quality, 44.6% of the search system and friendly interface of the store.

To the question: "are you Satisfied with the work of the Ukrainian online shops, 57,2 % of the respondents said – rather Yes than no,  30,5 % - satisfied of 1.39 % - dissatisfied. 

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