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The most unpleasant disease of the skin

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Diseases of the facial skin able to Express themselves in a very unexpected moment. In addition, it happens when people are very long time does not pay attention to manifestations of diseases of the skin or worried only because of their aesthetic component (of course, this applies to those occasions when he isn't in pain). Meanwhile, just as important as the treatment of other diseases. And in order to do this they need “to know in person”.

today there are 2-ve skin disease, which primarily adversely affect human appearance and that is:

  • Rosacea;
  • Papillomatosis.


This spider veins that appear on the face. And they appear when the walls of the capillaries of the skin weakens and stagnates the blood. Through this capillary walls are stretched and lose their natural elasticity. Eventually, capillaries and neposredsvenno appear on the face, in the likeness of "spider veins". Skin type has absolutely no value.

in this disease it is necessary to withdraw from: alcohol, saunas and hot baths, Smoking, spicy food, reduce the consumption of coffee. We must do everything in order to prevent vasodilation. If to speak about cosmetics for the face, then it certainly should be linolenic and linoleic acid and various moisturizing ingredients. Well, from cosmetics with alcohol, fruit acids and honey, should be abandoned.

in addition, it is necessary to give the skin and the body enough of vitamins C, K, B5, and R. Therapy of this disease, often produced with the help of electric current that is delivered through a special needle and removes the protruding capillaries. This method is called electrocautery.



Papilloma – which supports the formation on the skin, which sometimes has a different color. Face is 1 of the most typical places for its occurrence. The cause of papilloma is human papilloma virus that is present in the body 8 out of 10 people. This disease develops in women and men with a weak innate immune system or weakened by specific circumstances.

therefore, strengthening the immune system is the 1st and most reliable means of preventing this disease. Remember that the immune system weakens as a result of severe stress, lack of vitamins, pregnancy and severe illnesses. Sometimes the presence of papillomas evidence of cancer, so when the appearance of papillomas is better to go med. examination.

Remove adolescents by different methods. For example, to do this, use: cauterization, liquid nitrogen, clipping, radio waves, electric current or laser. The choice of method depends on each specific case.

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