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Irrigator of an oral cavity: What is it?

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an Irrigator called a modern device, the main purpose is the hygiene of the oral cavity. With the help of this device you can very well clean the interdental space. Powerful pulsating water pressure massages the gums and improves blood circulation.

Spec. nozzles give the water a chance to reach areas that directly when you floss or toothbrush, a person simply unavailable. Irrigator is convenient and necessary to apply directly to care for crowns, dentures and dental devices of different type.

And thanks to adjustment of water pressure oral irrigator gives an opportunity to apply for both children and adults. By the way, at an affordable price you can purchase



  • Elimination of unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Prevention of caries;
  • Elimination of bleeding gums;
  • Clean up places that are inaccessible tooth brushes;
  • Prevention of rejection of implants;
  • the Most effective cleaning of braces;
  • Caring for dentures, implants;
  • Hygiene of the gums allows to shorten the period of recovery of the oral cavity immediately after installation of dental implants;
  • the Prevention of periodontitis in pregnant women and patients with diabetes;
  • Reducing the likelihood of gum disease in people that smoke.

Select irrigator for mouth

Remember, functional and easy to use irrigator can not be cheap.

For home use is better to take a stationary model, which operates from an electric network of 220 V. In this case, a 2-WA question: sockets and place where he will stand.

If you plan to take this device with you to work, trip, road, and other places, then you better buy a portable oral irrigator. These devices operate from a battery, charge which is enough for about 7 days (it all depends on how often you use it). A disadvantage of the portable irrigator is the inability to vary the housing product, because raising it upside down, the pump will not flow fluid.

If to consider the volume of the tank, this characteristic is not a major one because it can be quite simple to fill.

Portable models are more convenient but less powerful than stationary. They are road by irrigation experts that cannot be applied on a daily basis!

it is necessary to Choose only equipment from proven manufacturers with the presence of formal guarantees.

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