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Urine color: what's he talking About?

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Probably everyone knows that urine can have a different color. Its color is very diverse and can vary from light straw color to a bright amber or honey-colored.

can tell a lot about the state of human health. Although the best thing people can do if they are concerned about the color of their own urine – to do this analysis, all exactly there are certain color indicators are directly which you may suspect a particular health problem.


what does the color of urine?

  • clear, colorless urine suggests that the person is drinking a lot of water;
  • Pale straw the color says that everything is in order, it is healthy and drinking enough water;
  • Transparent yellow the color says that everything is normal.
  • Dark yellow the color says that a person is doing well, but he needs to drink a little more water;
  • Color honey or amber suggests that the human body needs water and drink it it is necessary right now;
  • Color dark beer or syrup says that a person may, if the liver, and can be a sign of a strong lack of water. Therefore, he urgently needed a drink of water and if the problem is not solved is to consult with your doctor;
  • Color in the spectrum from pink to red says that a person is in the urine, possibly blood (if, of course, he had not ate rhubarb, blackberries or beets). This may be a sign of tumors, kidney failure, prostate problems, urinary infections, and other diseases. Additionally, this may be mercury or lead poisoning. In this case, you must urgently go to the doctor;
  • Orange color indicates that the person has a problem with the bile ducts or the liver, or is it really food coloring. In this case, you must consult your doctor;
  • Green or blue color. There is a very rare genetic disease, giving the urine of these colors. In addition, the causes of this can also be bacteria, any medication or food dye that you used before. In this case also need to consult a doctor;
  • Purple color. The reasons for this can be some medicine or food coloring, as well as "purple bag Syndrome". In this case also need to consult a doctor;

Also, urine may be foamy or bubbly. It does not happen often. It is a harmless hydraulic effect. But it also may say more about the problems with the kidneys and excess protein in the body. That is why, very often, if the urine foams it is necessary to consult the doctor.

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