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Swimming with infants in the fitness center

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This children's training emerged in Australia in the 60-ies, when his child began to engage spouses Timmermans. Parents from other countries interested in such experiments and began to learn from the experience. Researchers have not ignored this fact, and in the second half of the 60s in Munich at the clinic of Pediatrics, opened a scientific Institute for child swimming.

during the three years it was doing 600 kids. The results proved that very young children easily learn to swim, they get sick three times less often than their peers, the indexes of physical development are higher, they have a good appetite and restful sleep.

Now in many fitness centers there are pools for swimming with babies, because this type of training and improvement is very popular among young mothers. Swimming coach with babies will in detail tell and will show you how to teach your baby to the water, teach him to dive and swim, getting great pleasure.

the useful benefits of early swimming

During the voyage the child actively goes through hands and feet, therefore, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, but also all the muscles. The body becomes more resistant to changes in temperature, improves the immune system, all organs are saturated with oxygen.

Also swimming helps to correct some of the pathology that occurred at birth. And, of course, the child, from early childhood accustomed to the water, never to be afraid to swim in older age. In General, it is very useful to go to the pool with the whole family. If not all family members love to swim, someone might, for example, to go to the tennis court, while the mother with babies to swim.

When you start to visit the pool

Nine months the child is, you can tell in the water. For him it is a familiar element. Bathing baby in the bathtub a few days after birth. This will contribute to early adaptation to lessons in the pool. Sooner to habituate infants to the water, the faster he will learn to swim and dive. It is known that newborns can hold their breath and 3 or 4 months this reflex disappears. Do not be afraid that your child is too young, because age is more difficult to make it or water.

Contraindications to navigation

Serious heart problems, kidney disease, suppurative processes, tuberculosis, skin diseases, epilepsy and others.

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