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Institute Hyalual? ("Hyalual".)

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Hyalual? is an innovative high-tech company which is engaged in issues of aging - ranging from prevention and ending with recovery. has the essential properties of the regeneration and rejuvenation of the body and face, eliminating not only external changes, but also the very cause of aging.

Active ingredients of the products Hyalual?, thanks to the unique TKD technology and RMCP-complex, start their action immediately after touching directly with the skin itself. Also included in the hyaluronic acid (an essential humidifier), which creates a protective film on the surface, penetrates deep into different layers of the epidermis and leaves the skin moisturized.

the Institute Hyalual? personally conducts scientific research, operates a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine working under their brand and quickly increases the range of its products.


the history of the company "Hyalual".

the Institute Hyalual? was founded in 2012 in Switzerland. At this time, the company began to implement their own innovative projects and scientific developments in the international arena.

Immediately after the successful entry onto the world market, the company Hyalual? began to enlarge its activity: expanded the number of countries increased the scale of production, created a new production area and clinical base.

development of the Hyalual? was recognized in the whole world and went into global production. "Hyalual". the Institute has developed a personal system Research and Development (R &D), involving a closed circle of ideas, clinical trials, creation, production, to testing 100's of thousands of patients  in a clinical database. This approach is a guarantee of high quality products.

Hyalual? at all times meticulously approached his staff, which is why the Institute employs only certified experienced staff - the real masters of their own business.

Products "Hyalual". corresponds to the recognized global standards such as ISO and GMP.

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