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Katranka an unforgettable vacation on the black sea coast

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the Resort “Katranka” located in the Odessa region in the South-East tatarbunar district directly on the black sea coast between lakes Dzhantsheyskogo and Kunduk (Sasyk). Being in the 80,000 metres from the mouth of the river Dniester, and 30,000 metres from the mouth of the Danube river, the area included in the Danube-Dniester biosphere reserve, so while on vacation to this resort, vacationers can see a huge number of steppe and waterfowl. If you decided to otdohnut in katranke, then I suggest you to stay at the recreation center Fedorovka, information about which can be found on the official .



Directly to the sea beach can be reached by bridges that prekinuti through the estuary. Even despite the fact that the map Katranki distance and looks rather large – the journey to the beach takes about 20 min walk waddle.

Relaxing on the beach, the tourists will not find under their feet of clay, pebbles or stones – a beach consists entirely of sea sand. Having the following dimensions: width 50 - 150 m, and length - as far as the eye can see, beach Katranki able to accommodate an unlimited number of people who wish to relax. If You do not like noisy companies and not too lazy, then after 100 metres away from the entrance to the beach you can stay even the whole Gypsy camp – to go “heads” and stop here You will not, as is commonly observed in other more developed resorts.

in addition to house lifeguards at this beach you will see absolutely no permanent structures, as a result, you will only observe the vast expanses of the sea and the beach.

There is every vacationer is available in the following rides: riding a banana, water motorcycles, and water slide. In addition, "local" all the time spread of different food and drinks for tourists.



the resorts of Primorsko, Katranka, Rasseyka and Lebedevka, the Black sea is not very deep - which is why it warms up pretty quickly. The arrival of tourists and the swimming season at these resorts starts in May and ends in September. Coastal beach sheltered from the sea by the natural breakwater (sandbar, which is located 10-30 meters from the shore - cut big waves like a knife).

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