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The expression of anger

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Anger can be caused by a situation, person, circumstances, objects. The drug-addicted person subject to emotional outbursts. Often one of the main subjects and the first emotion becomes anger. Especially when it comes to drug treatment.


Manifestation of the destructive emotions

Anger is not alien to both healthy and addict people. The world is full of injustice, and this is the first driving force to feel the rage, and aggression inside.

In practice, there are four ways of expressing anger:

direct – man or expresses its outrage and disagreement with the prevailing circumstances, either physically acts on it. The use of profanity, hanging voices, throwing objects, wilful damage – everything is a manifestation of anger.

- an indirect expression manifests itself most often on an object or person smaller and weaker. So do not feel the threat, and have the opportunity to throw out the negative and to speak.

the anger - management one of the most unfortunate practices. A man turns into a ticking time bomb. Every point of disagreement adds to its “Bob”, bringing the moment “explosion”. Such people can fall into depression or the result of somatic and psychosomatic diseases.

is the hold or freezing of negativity. Sometimes people abstrahierte from external stimuli. The imaginary sense of control results in a hysterical and aggressive status.  But it gives time to deal with the causes of anger and resolve them at the initial level.


to Delete before or after?

the methods of expression of anger shows how disastrous it is for a man as to restrain himself and to be impulsive.

an Adult and adequate man as they get older learn to control their actions and emotions. In order to avoid the destructive effects of anger on the human body need to learn to identify its causes.  

Sometimes quite a deep conversation over a Cup of tea, in order to solve irreconcilable differences. Learn to Express your negative emotions is as important as the expression of positive emotions. Very often fired up for a second, man destroys years of hard work and networking.

From negativity is to remove all available means. But often, it leads to further treatment of alcoholism, drinking and drug use. Find a safe way for the soul and do not get angry.


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