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What is a dental implant?

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Because strong and healthy teeth are not just key to a beautiful smile and also the health of the human body as a whole - today, dental implants will be of great value. If the teeth is not coping with its main function, will suffer a digestive system, which in turn leads to failures in the whole human body. The loss of one or several of the teeth also leads to discomfort, change in human features, disruption of chewing.

Now dentistry has a sufficient number of ways to prevent the loss of teeth, as well as their resume. Among all the existing methods of restoring the dentition is the best implant. Next, we'll talk about this procedure in more detail and tells us about her  Bunev A. A. - head of the network of dental clinics "Center of Dental Implantology": .


Implantation: What is it?

the Loss of teeth causes a huge amount of negative points: spoils the shape of the face, impaired chewing, and there is a feeling of discomfort, but dental implants – this is the best method of recovery.

today, in the clinics of the Russian Federation implantation is very common and quite heavily developed. National dentistry brand in no way inferior to the West.

Implantaty called artificially made structures introduced into the jaw bone. And implantation is called direct implantation of the implant. This manipulation is a bit painful, but when properly carried out operations in the future there is absolutely no exacerbations.



  • do Not need periodic replacement;
  • contraindicated in the intake of certain food;
  • Implants function and look like your natural teeth;
  • Implant allows not to damage the adjacent teeth, in that case, when one needs to restore only the 1st lost tooth;
  • the Implant is capable of 100% to replace the prosthesis, if the tooth row is completely missing.


Dental implants do not set if:

  • severe osteoporosis;
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • mental diseases
  • acute heart disease;
  • chronic renal and hepatic failure;
  • decompensated diabetes;
  • chronic alcoholism or drug addiction.

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